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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Elizabeth needs to pull a "Starr Jones"

Okay. I don't normally watch The View. Without Joy Behar it wouldn't be worth watching at all. It is kinda like a bad car accident, you just can't turn away. In this show's have to watch to see if Elizabeth is going to say anything stupid. It usually doesn't take long.....
Well, today I hit the jackpot. I turned it over while Barbara was talking about going to White House for a dinner celebrating Eunice Shriver's b-day and the Special Olympics. Barbara mentioned that Bush liked to ride his mountain bike out in front and listen to his Ipod so he is oblivious to the secret service, etc. that have to accompany him on his outings. I was just waiting for Joy to pick up on that and make and joke...and of course she did.
Well, Barbara said that Bush doesn't have the Dixie Chicks on his Ipod. Elizabeth being the lemming for the Right as she is said "neither do I...Traitors".
Yes. Elizabeth called the Chicks "TRAITORS".
Wonder if Elizabeth knows what SLANDER is, cause she sure doesn't know what Traitor is.
If someone publicly called me a traitor (which means someone who committed treason....Which is a felony and an offense punishable by DEATH) I would sue their ass. That is like calling someone a "Rapist" or "Murderer".
Here lately the Right has been throwing around "traitor" like it is an adjective for anyone with a non-republican perspective..
NEWSFLASH!!!! Just because someone doesn't agree with this corrupt administration or their unsubstantiated war, does not make them a traitor.
What are you, Elizabeth? A Loyalist? or a Patriot?
She would probably answer..."um, I'm a Redskin!!" And being a Dallas Cowboy fan who would sell my ovaries for one night with Troy Aikman...that makes her even more unbearable!!!!!


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