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Friday, November 03, 2006

Ass Clown Haggard

More on the Haggard/Jones story.
Haggard said he got Jones' name from a hotel in Denver. He did not name the hotel. "I did call him," Haggard said. "I called him to buy some meth, but I threw it away.
"I was buying it for me, but I never used it. I was tempted, I bought it, but I never used it.
"He told me about it. I went there for a massage."

Phone message from Haggard to Jones:
"Hi Mike, this is Art," one call began. "Hey, I was just calling to see if we could get any more. Either $100 or $200 supply."

"Arthur" is Pastor Haggard's middle name.
If he didn't use the meth and just threw it away, why would "we" want to "get any more."?
To throw it away again?
That dog don't hunt.....
In the last post I said that I am sure Haggard will use the Clinton-esque "didn't inhale" excuse. Damn I hate it when I am right!!!
But he said he went there for a "massage".... Yeah, and Monica visited the oval office for a smoke.
He might have gone there for a massage....but he got all cranked out of his mind and had skanky man-on-man dirty sex.


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