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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Can't get Enoufh of Teddy Bear Haggard....

"I am proud of Ted for being honest and coming clean," said Patton Dodd, who helped Haggard write seven books and who serves as Christianity editor for Beliefnet, a religious news website.

Are you kidding me? Haggard didn't come clean, he got CAUGHT! Coming clean would be:

Haggard: "you know, I have had immoral, gay, steamy, hot, sexual relations with a gay prostitute in Denver while cranked out on Meth. Please forgive me and my hypocritical asshat self."
Congregation: gasp!

A monthly "massage" (wink wink nudge nudge) for three years isn't indescretion. That is a conscience choice.
The only "coming clean" on Haggard's part came after the "Jeff Gannon of Colorado Springs" came forward and busted "Art".
So, Haggard did not come clean and admit his "indescretions". In fact, he denied repeatedly the accusations of Mr. Jones. When Haggard found out that Mr. Jones had kept "Art"'s voice mails, then Haggard decided the truth would set him free.
Just remember....those Sunday mornings when Haggard was bashing gays and "tossing" his holier-than-thou attitude around, he was coming down from a Meth high and a "massage"from his gay prostitute the night before.


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