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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Oh Holy Day!!!!

Elvis (whom I LOVE!!) sang a song called "If I can Dream"
I had to think of that when I got an email from a long lost friend with this picture on it.
If only it were true....

Monday, February 27, 2006

Fun with Road Signs....

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Going Once, Going Twice....Sold!!! Port security to the lowest bidder!!!

Well, I hope you are sitting down cause I am going to say something that might shock you....
Good for you Mr. Frist!
The Senator's remarks regarding the selling of our port security to the UAE based DPW are probably the most intelligent thing he has said in the last 5 years.

"The decision to finalize this deal should be put on hold until the administration conducts a more extensive review of this matter," said Frist. "If the administration cannot delay this process, I plan on introducing legislation to ensure that the deal is placed on hold until this decision gets a more thorough review."

Well done sir. Now, about your diagnosis via video of Terry Schiavo.....

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Insightful Comments from The Huff Po

I liked this guy's comment in re: to Cheney's interview on the shooting incident:

"So watching his friend fall was traumatic. Now he nows what thousands of young Americans and Iraqis feel when bloody violence is perpetrated on people they know. Thousands of young Americans are watching young Iraqis fall after pulling the triggers on their weapons. It doesn't feel good to shoot another human being. It's traumatizing, regardless of how much training one has had to prepare for actual combat. You cannot know how it feels until you hear the bullets whizzing past and smell the blood. Mr. Five Deferrments now has some idea of what he has sent Americans into, for no reason. Sorry you're so upset, Mr. Cheney. And by the way, go fuck yourself.
Posted by: ranger5 on February 16, 2006 at 05:50pm

Yes, please do go fuck yourself Mr. Cheney.....Sorry that was rude...I will rephrase. Yes, please do go fuck yourself Mr. Vice President.

From the Dumbass Blonde Files......
Ann Coulter violates voting laws.....
The Bubbleheaded Bleach Blonde has done it again. By that I mean, over-stayed her 15 minutes of fame by about 14 minutes. We all know know Raggedy Ann doesn't know how to vote (Step 1: Have a Conscience, Step 2: Think, Step 3:. Vote), now we know she doesn't quite know WHERE to vote. Actually, she isn't really sure where she lives. Honestly, are Republicans really this stupid?? Do you think for one second if Al Franken voted in the wrong precinct and used his realtor's address as residence proof we wouldn't be seeing it run on the ticker tape at Faux News????
Poor Ann. Poor stupid ass white girl........

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cheney Shoots Cupid....

Happy Valentines Day Everyone, but don't expect Cupid's arrow to hit you in the ass. While on a hunting trip this morning, Dick Cheney accidently shot Cupid while mistakenly thinking that he was being threatened with an arrow. The heartless Cheney was unaware of the Love-based holiday, and thought Cupid was a member of Code Pink.
Cupid is expected to recover fully.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cheney Shoots Hunting Partner

Oh....This is number 478 on the list of shit that Republicans suck at.
Cheney is creepy enough, but the thought of him carrying a loaded weapon in the sticks in Texas is downright scary!!
I can't wait until Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert get a hold of this one.... should prove to be classic parody fodder for the SNL crowd to for weeks to come.

Remember folks..."Guns don't kill people. Crazy ass old farts with heart conditions and God complexes do."

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

OOOHHH.......S M A C K !!!!!!!!!

Today, George Bush was the most uncomfortable white guy in the world.

He got a bitch slap with a side of "oh, no you didn't" at the King funeral today. How nice for Bush to have to step outside the protective Rove Condom and face reality.

From the HuffPo:

... both Bush and his father winced as they sat behind the pulpit and heard the Rev. Joseph Lowery, who co-founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference with Martin Luther King Jr., take several jabs at foreign and domestic policies.
"We know there were no weapons of mass destruction over there, but Coretta knew and we knew there are weapons of misdirection right down here," Lowery said, complaining that were far too many in the U.S. are living in poverty and without health care insurance.
"For war, billions more, but no more for the poor," Lowery continued, a take-off of a lyric from the song "A Time to Love" which drew a roaring standing ovation. uncomfortable.... It gets worse for Dubya...

The audience showed where its allegiance lay when former
President Clinton and his wife, Sen.Hillary Rodham Clinton came to the podium to wild cheers and a long standing ovation. He opened by saying that he was honored to be with the other former presidents. Someone in the crowd yelled out, "Future president!" in reference to his wife's possible 2008 bid.
"We can honor Dr. King's sacrifice,"
Bill Clinton said. "We can help his children fulfill their legacy. ... Every one of us are in a way the children of Martin Luther and Coretta Scott King."


Monday, February 06, 2006

Bill O'reilly & The Colbert Report...

O'Reilly thinks the Colbert Report is "a compliment".........
One reason Colbert gets away with being outrageous is that, unlike, say, Ali G, he's not looking to humiliate anyone. Colbert always comes off looking like the biggest buffoon. "The key to the whole thing is Stephen wearing the character loosely and showing the inherent decency of the man underneath," says Stewart, who is also an executive producer of Colbert's show. "If you created a character where the audience had to sit back and go, 'Is this man a monster?' you would lose interest." Even Colbert's most obvious targets don't mind being mocked. "He does it without being mean-spirited, which is a refreshing change," says Fox News anchor O'Reilly. "Ninety percent of them are just vicious and they use their platform to injure people, but it doesn't seem that Colbert does that." Does he see himself in Colbert's character? "Yeah, sure," O'Reilly says. "The formula of his program is, they watch the 'Factor' and they seize upon certain themes that work for him. He ought to be sending me a check every week, 'cause we're basically the research for his writers. I feel it's a compliment."
(From the Huffington Post)

Obviously, Bill O'stupid has no idea that parody isn't necessarily the highest form of flattery. Stephen Colbert's The Report (pronounced repore....why? cause he can...) is must see TV. It is a good chaser to the Daily Show, which always seems to leave you wanting more. Stephen has the self-absorbed, narcissistic O'Reilly down to an art form. In the comment section of the Huff Po, someone wrote:
If O'Reilly thinks the Colbert Report compliments him, he'd probably think getting castrated was foreplay.And how much would you pay to see O'Reilly getting castrated? That would make a GREAT Super Bowl halftime show."
Peace Ya'll.....

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

*YAWN* The State of the Union *YAWN*

The State of the Union Address was so darn dull. I was waiting for Laura to throw her granny panties on the podium and yell out "FREEBIRD"........but nothing.